Frequently Asked Questions

What do you design?

While we are primarily an industrial design studio, we see design as a tool to solve problems-- in whatever format works best. We’ve styled buses, invented cookware, designed kick-starter campaigns, created packaging suites, started and refreshed brands, built websites and apps, and prepared factory CADs. We’re committed to solving real problems in the most elegant, sustainable way possible.

How did you start?

Isis started Spitfire as a solo practice back in 2016. We’ve since grown into a diverse team with dozens of fantastic clients and all kinds of products launched. No matter what the project is or who’s on it we are committed to excellent quality and aesthetics and a close attention to detail.

How do I work with you?

Drop us an email with a brief description of your project. If it looks like a good fit we’ll arrange a call to talk your project over in more detail and get to know you a bit. Then we’ll write you up a quote and timeline and take it from there. We believe in building good relationships with our clients which is why we always prioritize phone over email and if at all possible in-person meetings. If you’re in or near Brooklyn, come on by! We have great coffee.

I have a great concept but no idea how to start.

That’s fine! We’ve helped startups grow from a clever napkin sketch to a manufacturer of bestselling products. We’re more than happy to be on board from ideation to prototyping to factory selection to launch day.

We’re an established company looking for a subcontractor. Do you do this?

Absolutely. We have several subcontractor relationships in place with larger companies.

Do you do mechanical/electrical engineering?

While our core team is designers and not engineers, we do have a deep bench of contractors that help with the more technical side. If you have a project that combines design and tech we can most likely manage the whole thing in house.

How much do you charge?

Our projects vary so wildly we price on a case-by-case basis.

Do you accept payment in equity?

The short answer is no. However, we do occasionally drop our costs for projects that align closely to our values (sustainability, animal welfare, climate change, social justice). If you have a project in these areas, a flexible timeline and a limited budget we should talk.

Is there anything you don’t design?  

Weapons, single use products, and anything that raises environmental concerns. We prioritize sustainable materials and do not use animal products. There’s also a particular shade of green that Divya hates which is banned from the office.

Why Spitfire?

Spitfire (noun):
 1. A British fighter plane with a single in-line engine used by the R.A.F. throughout World War
 2. A person, especially a girl or woman, who is of fiery temper.
Definition 1 is Isis’ favorite airplane. She wouldn’t know anything about the second.

What is your dream design project?

Isis: A TRAIN!
Divya: Anything travel related
Teddy: A concert
Sherry: Cat-approved furniture

Where can I get an Ecohelmet?

It’s not out yet. And when it is, we will tell everyone. Cool your jets.

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