Our team

Isis Shiffer, industrial designer and founder of Spitfire Industry

isis shiffer

Isis is an industrial designer based in Brooklyn. She founded Spitfire Industry in 2016. Since then, her designs have won national and international awards and been displayed on four continents. She has been a guest speaker at Design Indaba, the University of Manchester and and the International Design Conference, and been featured in the New York Times, Dezeen, CNN, the BBC and more. She is a visiting lecturer at Pratt Institute. Isis' favorite design challenges are ones that require mechanical problem solving and an excuse to use stainless steel. Outside the studio Isis enjoys cycling, fine art, mountains, racing sailboats and underground music.

Divya Chaurasia, Industrial Designer, Spitfire Industry

divya chaurasia

Divya Chaurasia is an industrial designer, with a background in engineering and user experience. With a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and Bachelor’s in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, her work has a strong focus on user-centered research, sustainable practices and design for manufacturing.

Inspired by the everyday pursuits of people, she is deeply intrigued by the connection that humans have with the objects around them and uses it to create functional products.

Sherry Chiu, Industrial Designer, Spitfire Industry

Sherry chiu

Sherry Chiu is an industrial designer and Student Chapter Liaison of IDSA's Women in Design NYC Chapter. She earned her Master's in Integrated Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Bachelor’s in cognitive science and marketing at Northwestern University. The common thread through it all is a deep curiosity for why people think and act the way they do, and how to craft stories and brands into a captivating narrative. While her experiences have also led her through the worlds of packaging and home goods, she is constantly rethinking our interactions with daily objects and how to inject humor and play in the process.

Teddy Atuluku, Spitfire Industry

Teddy Atuluku

Teddy’s ultimate ambition is to inspire positive change through design and innovation. Through his work, he paints a picture of a future where technology, design, and culture converge to create a more sustainable and hopeful world, compelling us all to think differently about the possibilities that await us.

Taylor Coughlin, Graphic Designer, Spitfire Industry

Taylor coughlin

Taylor Coughlin is a Boston based graphic designer, consultant and artist. With experience in freelance design, in-agency, and corporate in-house work she is well-versed in a variety of clients and projects. She specializes in brand identity, working frequently in packaging and UX/Web design. In addition, she is a fine art painter and photographer exploring land and cityscapes with a love for all things design.

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