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Spitfire is a full service design studio in Brooklyn, New York. We are a small but passionate team dedicated to creating thoughtful solutions to the problems facing our world. We believe that good product design puts people first and empowers innovation. We are committed to sustainability, smart manufacturing, and leaving the world more beautiful than we found it.

Design Lead | Isis Shiffer
Product and Graphic Design

Our Services

Design Research

We closely observe markets, trends and behavior to uncover opportunities for innovation. No design exists in a vacuum, and we want our products to fit into the world as leaders in their category.

Concept Development

Ideation, testing and strenuous iteration is where every project starts. We strive to create a narrative that takes our users, clients, and the world at large into full consideration.


But does it work? We love creating mechanical solutions - every product that leaves the studio fulfills its particular function as elegantly and thoughtfully as possible.

Market Preparation

Once the design is fully realized we follow through to production - whether it is preparing a crowdfunding campaign, a licensing deck, or a spec pack for a factory.

Brand Identity

Every product needs a compelling brand. We offer logo design, brand guideline packages, and graphic assets to help tell your story.

Packaging Design

We offer structural and graphic packaging design services to protect and showcase our products. We conduct rigorous user testing to ensure optimal performance online or on shelves.

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