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Our favorite quote: "Even though they're therapy products, Circadian Optics lamps are built to look beautiful on your desk or bedside table, and the petite Luxy is just the beginning. The company also makes several other models designed to fit in with any aesthetic. The Lampu, for instance, is a minimalist, disc-shaped white lamp inspired by the sun, while the Lattis acts as a an accent

By Lisa L. Colangelolisa.colangelo@amny.comUpdated August 1, 2018 6:32 PM PRINT SHARE  They might not be much to look at, but New York City’s corner litter baskets are reliable workhorses. Battered by nature and neighborhood dogs and stuffed with the detritus of city life, they remain a constant fixture in our urban landscape. The 1930s design, however, is overdue for an upgrade. Designers from around the globe

|   Originally published on Clever Tech Digest |    Interviewed by Ray Fontaine, Transcribed by Cassandra Hickman Industrial design encompasses almost every product you touch, from the car you drive to the phone you use to the chair you are sitting in right now. If urban design defines the zoning of buildings and architecture shapes how those buildings look and function, then

|   Originally published on Uproxx.com |   Author: Alia Stearns Everyone knows that wearing a safety helmet is a critical part of cycling since a fall can result in anything from a tender bruise to outright death. So, we put helmets on and rarely give the matter more thought; however, industrial designer Isis Shiffer decided to give it more thought with the intent