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About Us

Founder | Design Lead

Isis Shiffer

Isis founded Spitfire Industry shortly after graduating from Pratt Institute with a Masters of Industrial Design.

Since then, her designs have won national and international awards and been displayed on four continents. One of her projects, the folding, recyclable EcoHelmet received the international James Dyson award in 2016, gaining worldwide attention. She has been a guest speaker at Design Indaba, the University of Manchester and Pratt Institute, and been featured in the New York Times, Dezeen, CNN, the BBC and more.

Outside the studio Isis enjoys cycling, fine art, mountains, boats and underground music.

Designer | CAD Expert

Andreas Haji-Georgi

Andreas is a designer who seeks to create a positive impact through clever solutions. He enjoys fitness and athletics. Check out his startup here: https://www.reflexbottle.com/

Designer | Concept Artist

Teddy Atuluku

Teddy has a love for exploration, storytelling and psychology. He uses his passions in tandem with his product design and materials knowledge to explore and develop physical products.

Graphic & UI Designer

Laura Patricelli

Laura is a full-time branding & web designer at her studio, Design Mastermind NYC. Since 2008, Laura has helped 90+ clients from all over the world create gorgeous websites and marketing materials for their small businesses.